Left Handed K2tog (Knit Two together)

Today I will show you one of the two types of decreases.  In knitting increases and decreases become part of the overall look of the knitted fabric as both have directionality to them.  This is important to know because which one you use does matter and will add to the overall effect of the finished piece.  Like the title suggests, the left handed k2tog (knit two together) is just that, you knit the next two stitches on your right hand needle as one stitch.  Use the same rhyme as you did for the knit stitch here:

In through the front door, around the back, out through the window and off jumps jack.

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Step 1 of the left handed k2tog: In through the front door

Left handed knit two together, in through the front door

As you can see in the above photo I am going into the next two stitches at the same time.  You will treat both stitches as one.

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