Anatomy of a Left Handed Knit Stitch

Before I show you the anatomy of a left handed knit stitch, I want to show you what a knit stitch looks like.

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If you look at the above photo you will see some little green Vs.  Those are outlining the knit stitch.  Each V is one stitch.  Each stitch has a leading leg and a back leg.  Continue reading “Anatomy of a Left Handed Knit Stitch”

Why Knit Left Handed?


The simple reason is because I am left handed. Many lefties are told they have to knit right handed because that is how knitting is done and that is how patterns are written. I also think there’s also the possibility that righties have no idea how to teach lefties how to knit. I, of course, disagree.

I’ve tried to think of other awe inspiring reasons why to knit left handed,
but nope, it just comes down to how we are wired. Righties are used to being in the majority and have no idea what it is like to try and perform activities with their left hand. I challenge you, whether you are right or left handed, but mostly for the stray right handed person who has come here to check out this website, to brush your teeth today using your non-dominate hand. Try eating, writing a short memo or, ahem, using the facilities. Not so easy or fun is it? Now, try learning a new skill like knitting. Hmmm….using your non-dominate hand may just make you want to throw your knitting needles across the room. So, why then do right handed knitters tell us lefties to suck it up and just learn to use or right hand?

Yes, it takes a little more thinking and understanding of knitting to be able to knit left handed, but I think that has made me a better knitter. I have to understand the why of knitting to be able to execute the pattern correctly. Luckily for you, you have this website and I will show you and walk you through what you need to know!

Grab your needles and yarn and let’s go!