Mini Sock Ornaments

Mini Sock Ornaments

You can never have too many ornaments on a Christmas tree, especially hand made ones.  Last Christmas my mother-in-law showed me a garland of mini socks ornaments. She bought them for a dollar at the thrift store.  It was really cute!  I thought, I can make these mini socks.  I love to knit socks! So, after many edits and rewrites, here is my pattern.

I am not fond of weaving in or any kind of finishing so I wrote this pattern to have as minimal finishing work.  When working in more than one color, carry the strands throughout.  since it is not being worn by an actual foot you need not worry about the floats and bulk that is created on the inside of the sock.

Please click on the link below to access the pattern.

mini sock ornament

You may also access the pattern HERE on Ravelry.

mini sock ornaments