The Left Handed Central Double Decrease (ccd)


The Left handed central double decrease, abbreviated cdd, is a decrease of two stitches.  It is most often used at the points of leaves.  It is a wonderful stitch to know as it makes the points of the leaves look professional.  The reason it looks so beautiful is that the left and right stitch hide behind the middle stitch showing a continuity of the middle stitch from the rows below.  I found this stitch tricky because all the tutorials I found were for right handed knitter, not left handed knitters.  Have no fear, I spent way too much time figuring this out for myself and I gladly share it here with you today.

I warn you this is a multistep stitch, but well worth the time and effort.

If you know knitting terms here are the steps.  If you are unsure about the steps, please follow along below with a picture tutorial and short video at the end.

Slip first stitch as if to purl, slip second stitch as if to purl, put both stitches back on the right hand needle and slip together through the back loops.  Knit the third stitch.  Pass the first and second stitch together over the knit stitch. Continue reading “The Left Handed Central Double Decrease (ccd)”

Left handed SSK- pictures and video

In the last post I showed you how to make the right leaning decrease or k2tog (knit two together).  Today I will show you the the k2tog’s counterpart, the left handed SSK.  For righties these abbreviations tell you what to do when making the stitch:  K2tog=knit two together,  SSK=slip, slip, knit.  I think about these decreases instead in terms of their slant.  So, for me they are the right leaning decrease (k2tog for lefties) and left leaning decrease (ssk for lefties) since the abbreviation does not match how I make the stitch.

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Left Handed SSK 1  Left Handed SSK- Step 1

Start by putting your working needle (the left one) two stitches in from the tip of the right needle.

Left handed SSK 2
Another view without the text overlay.

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