Reading Knitting Charts – Left Handed Knitting


I want to take a break today from increases and decreases to show you how to read a knitting chart.  Reading knitting charts is so much easier than written directions.  I prefer a chart 100 times more than written directions for two reasons.  First, I am a visual learner so I find it quite easy to look at my work and then look at the pattern and see if they match. If my work doesn’t look like the pattern then I know I have made an error.  Also, I find it cumbersome to try and follow along when there are lengthy written directions.  I easily become lost and become frustrated because I spend more time trying to figure out where I am in the pattern than I do knitting.  Second, as a lefty I can read the chart left to right and I do not have to change anything! Continue reading “Reading Knitting Charts – Left Handed Knitting”