Left Handed Short Rows

Short rows
Left Handed short rows

Short rows confounded me for years.  I found the process very daunting and avoided any pattern that used short rows.  I couldn’t find a good tutorial to help me demystify this very easy process.  Hopefully, you will find left handed short rows easy and straight forward with this picture tutorial.

So what are left handed short rows?  Short rows are a process of adding a pocket or wedge of fabric to your piece without adding length.  On the first two rows you knit to two stitches before the end of the row and then complete the left handed short row.  On all subsequent  rows you knit to the stitch before the previous short row thus each row becomes shorter and shorter.  When all short rows are completed then you knit across picking up all of the wraps and knitting them with the stitch they were wrapped around.

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