Left handed knit front and back (kfb)- A picture tutorial

Today let’s look at the very simple and very easy, left handed knit front and back (kfb).   It is an increase that is great for beginner knitters as it does not have directionality like the M1L and the M1R.  Another difference is that the kfb is made in a stitch where as the M1L and the M1R are made between stitches.  This is an important concept to know if you are substituting one increase for another in a pattern (I confess, I do that a lot).  I will explain further at the end of this post.

First, let’s look at when it is a good time to use the left handed knit front and back (kfb).  I typically do not use this increase unless I am working on a project that is inconsequential or where the increase is not part of the overall look of the finished fabric.  In addition, I will use it in a garter stitch pattern or in a ribbing pattern.  The increase blends into the fabric and does not stand out.  The kfb creates a purl bump so that is why it is good for garter stitch or ribbing. Continue reading “Left handed knit front and back (kfb)- A picture tutorial”