Left Handed m1L increase (make 1 increase)

Unlike decreases, there are multiple ways to make increases in knitting. Just like the decreases, the increases have directionality and become part of the look of the final piece.  Since there is directionality there are two separate increases.  Today we will look at the left handed m1L increase otherwise known as make 1 left increase.  In the next post we will look at the left handed m1L increase’s counterpart, the m1R.

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Left handed m1L increase

When creating an increase, in this case, the left handed m1, you will be putting an increase inbetween two stitches and you will be using the bar that runs horizontally between the two stitches.

Step 1

M1L increase

To make the left handed m1L increase start by picking up the bar between the two stitches with the tip of your left needle.

Step 2
Left handed m1L increase

Then put yarn on your right hand needle.


Left handed m1L increase

You can see the new stitch in the above photo where the arrow is pointing.

Left handed m1L increase

Step 3

Next, you are going to knit into the back loop of that stitch, which is the leg of the stitch closest to you.  Your needle will enter the stitch from the right side.  In the above photo you can see my needle in the stitch.

Left handed m1L increase

Step 4

Yarn over.


Left handed m1L increase

Step 5

Finally take the new stitch out through the window and drop the old stitch off the needle.

Left handed m1L increaseThe arrow above shows the left handed m1 increase after it has been completed.  Can you see that it slants to the left?

The completed left handed m1L increase

Left handed m1L increase

Here again, you can see the new stitch on the needle and the left handed m1 increase.

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-Karen Lynn

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