Left Handed Purl Stitch, how to, tips and rhyme

Today let’s look at the dreaded purl stitch.  I say dreaded, because most knitters prefer the knit stitch over the purl stitch.  I hated the purl stitch when I started learning how to knit, but I forced myself to practice it and honestly now, it is not a big deal.  Last week I showed you the knit stitch and the tiny little Vs it creates.  When you only see the Vs then you are looking at the knit stitch or what is known as stockinette stitch.  Stockinette stitch really refers to the type of fabric that is produced by only showing the knit side which means one row is knit and the other row is purled.  Reversed stockinette stitch is when just the purled side is showing, as in the photo below.

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Reverse Stockinette Stitch (Purl Stitch)

Left Handed Purl stitch fabric

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Left Handed Knit Stitch-knitting tips and rhymes

Knitting has only two stitches:  The knit stitch and the purl stitch.  Every design is made up various combinations of these two stitches. You will be able to make these stitches in your sleep once you’ve mastered the motor movements.  It will seem awkward at first, requiring way too much attention and your tension will be tighter than a scrooge’s wallet.  Thus, making it near impossible to insert your needle into the next stitch, but it will get easier with practice!  I promise, it will!  So, let’s look at the left handed knit stitch to start.

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In Through the Front Door

Left handed: in through the front door.

There’s an easy rhyme to help you remember the actions of the knit stitch:


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Left Handed Long Tail Cast On

Probably one of the hardest things to learn in knitting is the cast on.  There are countless ways to cast on depending on your project’s needs.  Today I will show you the most popular, the (left handed) long tail cast on.  To start the left handed long tail cast on you will have the yarn in your right hand.  Don’t worry!  Your left hand will be doing all of the work!

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