Anatomy of a Left Handed Knit Stitch

Before I show you the anatomy of a left handed knit stitch, I want to show you what a knit stitch looks like.

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If you look at the above photo you will see some little green Vs.  Those are outlining the knit stitch.  Each V is one stitch.  Each stitch has a leading leg and a back leg. 

anatomy of a stitch 4

left handed knitters knit from the right needle to the left needle with their forward progression moving to the right and the front of the stitch facing the left.

anatomy of a knit stitchThis means then that lefties have the leading leg sitting BEHIND the needle and the back leg is sitting in FRONT of the needle.  It is important to know this as it will come up again when I go over how to make the knit and purl stitches.

Anatomy of a knit stitch-2


Anatomy of a knit stitch 3

Once the stitch is knitted it easy to see why the leading leg is behind the needle.  It becomes the left side of the knit stitch.


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3 thoughts on “Anatomy of a Left Handed Knit Stitch”

  1. Just found your site. It looks great.

    I’m in serious need of a tutorial on two-color brioche knitting. Your cast on video is great. But I keep getting light yarn strands all over the dark side of the work when I continue on. The light rib looks perfect, but not the other side. Must be something wrong with my YOslip technique. I’ve tried 20 ways and get 20 wrong results.

    Any suggestions? Thanks

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